Envest to grow
Coupon - 4,625% annual
Maturity - Perpetual
Coupon - 4,3% annual
Maturity - 5 years
Coupon - 3,5% annual
Maturity - 1 year
Over 130 000 Bonds
+ Over The Counter
We help people to take part in economic growth
Our mission

is to foster economic development by providing businesses with a seamless avenue to raise capital through bond issuance, while offering investors a secure and profitable investment option

Best Bond Conditions
We help to select optimal bond terms taking into account placement term, yield, market risk and issuer risk
Artificial intelligence
modern education & bond search tool
Quick onboarding
and instant access via messenger
24/7 with humans
bond-focused investing platform
Meet Our Leaders
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy
  • Denis Kuchkin

    Founder, Chief Executive Officer

  • Elena Iarygina

    Co-founder, Chief Creative Officer

  • Oleg Dmitriev

    Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer

  • Alexey Skobelev
    Co-Founder, Chief Design Officer
  • Dmitriy Starkov
    Co-Founder, Chief Product Owner
  • Alexander Yakovlev

    Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

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