8,35% annual percentage yield (APY)
Take your coupons

  • Sept 2024 - Unsecured
    Coupon - 4.25%
    Current Yield - 4.789%
    Yield to call - 7.723%
    Price - 88.75 €
    Available - 44.042.79€
  • Feb 2025 - Unsecured
    Coupon - 3,875%
    Текущая доходность - 4,718%
    Current Yield - 16,944%
    Price - 82,13 €
    Available - 11.781,24 €
  • Jan 2024 - Unsecured
    Coupon - 5.542%
    Current Yield - 6.125%
    Yield to maturity - 20.241%
    Price - 47.23 €
    Available - 76.344.17€
  • Jan 2023 - Unsecured
    Coupon - 5.717%
    Current Yield - 6.832%
    Yield to maturity - 21.011%
    Price - 51.53 €
    Available - 184.241.86€
Every 3 months
From 250€
Minimum amount
Online 24/7
Early withdrawal
without loss of interest
Bond sales IT-solution in bank partnership
The Interest is a mobile application for IOS and Android, as well as a chatbot in the Telegram messenger, and an advanced back-office system that allows it to serve clients 24/7.
Access to a wide catalog of corporate and government bonds
An original service for selecting and recommending bonds, taking into account profitability and risks
Service 24/7 without days off, holidays and non-working hours
We help people manage their finance and grow savings.
We're far from trading.
Identification, open an account and form a portfolio via the messenger app.
Most brokers use web and mobile where registration, opening an acc and a purchase of securities take place. At the same time, a significant part of educational and news content is now consumed on messengers. We use Telegram API technology and Telegram Web Apps for Bots in order to implement digital identification of a client, open an account, and make the first purchase of a bond directly inside the Telegram messenger.
Onboarding for crucial stages of the customer lifecycle.
Investment services are complex for the client, as they are associated with investment risks, client fears, and complex terms, and concepts. At the moment, none of the brokers in Europe implements full-fledged onboarding and assistance throughout the entire life cycle of the client. We identify several key critical events for the client in investing in bonds and integrate an interactive assistant that explains to the client at one stage or another of working with them, what is happening now, what actions need to be taken and why.
AI-generated in-house content that explains events on the market and what actions should be taken by the client.
As a rule, brokers provide access to trading on the exchange and market analytics in a “raw form”, but do not explain what to do in connection with one or another change in the market. This leads to difficulties for clients in interpreting what is happening in the market and making adequate decisions. We have developed a system based on AI technologies and neural networks for text and video generation, which allows you to analyze the flow of news and reporting of issuing companies, as well as market analytics in real-time and issue personalized, easy-to-perceive content that explains to the client what is happening and what to do.
Chatbot that provides 24/7 support and answers up to 95% of questions from customers.
One of the key operating costs of fintech services is customer support. Traditional support involves the maintenance of a large staff of client care specialists who respond to customer requests by phone, email, instant messengers, and social networks. We're going to automate 95% of customer requests with a 24/7 chatbot using a mix of response trees and neural network technologies.
Interest - algorithm will allow quickly build a portfolio of bonds that fits directly to the client.
Based on the results of the questionnaire, the algorithm will assess the risk profile of the client on the one hand, on the other hand the algorithm will analyze the entire range of bonds available in the market and select high-quality bonds from them based on the analysis of liquidity risk, credit risk and the nature of bond sales in the primary market.
How to invest and earn income
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